Marketing Practices

Welcome to (hereinafter “Company”. The whole of these terms and conditions of using this website serves as an agreement between you and Company and Company’s services, and regulates your access to and use of this website. The site is a virtual network marketplace.

Please ensure that you read this agreement completely before accessing this site. By using this site, you consent to be up to 18 years of age and that you have read, understood and consented entirely without exception to be held by law by the terms and conditions of use outlined herein and company’s privacy policy and marketing practices which are expressly incorporated herein by reference. You are also your full consent to receive marketing promotions from lenders in our network. Company and/or third parties may also share your personal data to provide information to you about other services and products. You also understand that all communications related to you obtaining the credit facility you requested for must be via direct mail, email (at the address which you provided during registration) and/or telephone number which you also provided without regard for whether your details may be registered in corporate, state or federal suppression lists and/or Do-Not-Contact registry. If you do not want to receive marketing information and materials, you may ask to be exempted using the various opt-out tools provided to you. If you wish to stop receiving information from a third-party, contact the third party directly also. Company is not responsible for stopping communications you may not want from third party as company does not control these sources. You can contact company directly via certified mail at or email at to ask us any questions you may have or concerns about these marketing practices or your confidentiality and the way your information is used for marketing purposes.

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